Research Solutions

Leading healthcare providers have embraced DataBiologics for capturing outcomes during routine clinical care. The DataBiologics platform promotes transparent collaboration between healthcare providers and industry allies aiming to advance the frontiers of medicine.

Decentralizing clinical research
Every doctor should have the opportunity to conduct research. With DataBiologics clinicians can capture meaningful data to support and validate treatments for every patient they treat.

Research Solutions (RSx)

Start a study
Customize our core platform to evaluate your treatment or products at a fraction of the cost of traditional research
Sponsor a Team
Support your Key Opinion Leaders to collaborate on evaluating your products success through multicenter data pooling
Gain Insights Access
Get visibility into data collected on the registry for retrospective research, market analysis, and sales enablement

We lower the barrier to research for all clinicians and industry partners

Next-generation registries
Prospective studies
Multi-center research
IRB sanctioned studies
See why our customers love us
"We are excited to partner with DataBiologics as SoftWave is on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine and we are looking forward to documenting our incredible patient outcomes. SoftWave is used by leading physicians and DataBiologics' platform will allow providers to validate the decrease in pain and improved quality of life."
John Warlick
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies
"It is one thing to ‘think’ you are doing good things for your patients, but an entirely different thing when you see what the patients themselves are reporting via validated PROMs over the course of months and years."
John H. Knab MD
Medical Director, Center for Pain Management
“We are excited to be using DataBiologics to track results. Like them, we believe the best way to forward in medicine is to measure and track outcomes with high fidelity."
Steven Clausnitzer
CEO, Forever Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of conditions and treatments do you track?

Our platform is designed specifically for tracking outcomes on minimally invasive orthopedic treatments. This includes regenerative medicine, biologics and various new and emerging treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. We offer customization to add tracking for new therapies on a case-by-case basis.

Is DataBiologics a registry?

We like to think of our database as a “next-generation registry” — making real-world data insightful and actionable. Our ReGENius Insights Engine powers the most comprehensive orthobiologic registry that Performance members and Insights subscribers can leverage. Our core infrastructure also allows us to support the development of various other custom registries, studies, and data cohorts.

What does it mean to be a DataBiologics contributor?

We’re creating more than just a data collection platform. Our deep ties to top providers in the field and our industry agnostic platform has allowed us to develop a coalition of data-driven clinicians. Our mission is to support all who believe in advancing data-backed medicine. Being a contributor to DataBiologics does not signify any endorsement. As we grow our network, we intend to work with our members to develop a pathway to validate top performers.

Who owns the data that is collected?

We believe in data transparency which is why we use a data co-ownership agreement which allows clinics to own their collected data as well as allowing DataBiologics to a license to the de-identified data for research or commercial purposes. Data is retained by both the client and DataBiologics as defined by the terms of the Services Agreement. No PHI is ever sold, shared or distributed.

How do you protect data?

DataBiologics keeps data protected by using strong encryption, strict access controls, and regular security checks. Patient data is stored securely within HIPAA-compliant data servers, and personal information is de-identified to protect privacy.

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