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DataBiologics transforms real-world data into actionable insights, helping you measure success, drive repeat business, and build a recognized reputation for exceptional patient care.

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With tens of thousands of proprietary data powered directly from our contributors, the DataBiologics registry offers a rich source of data for all stakeholders in the field
The Problem
Healthcare providers need a solution to integrate patient-reported outcomes (PROs) seamlessly into their practice. Without it, they struggle to build trust, stand out, and market their successes — especially in cash-pay areas like Regenerative Medicine.

We help you collect and leverage data to optimize your patient outcomes and practice growth.

Practice overview

Understand your treatment trends, your patient population and your referral pathways.

Outcomes collection

Empower your practice to deliver personalized care with comprehensive real-world data.

Advanced analytics

Deliver the best available evidence for every patient, every time, in real-time with benchmarking and turn-key marketing solutions.

Transform Patient Consults with Validated Evidence
Shift from anecdotal to evidence-based consults using real-world data visualizations, enhancing patient understanding and trust.
Market with Confidence
Showcase proven treatment outcomes with our upcoming marketing materials, boosting confidence in your services.
Easily track and display patient satisfaction, enhancing your practice's reputation.
Partner with us for trusted data and excellence in patient care.
Explore with ReGENius™ Insights
Dive into thousands of real-world cases, uncovering insights across a spectrum of innovative therapies. Our ReGENiusTM Engine is your gateway to exploring uncharted medical treatments.
Data-Driven Podium Presentations
Arm yourself with comprehensive data from
your practice, enabling you to deliver powerful, data-backed presentations. Our platform helps you analyze and present your findings with confidence.
Revolutionizing Research
Harness the power of DataBiologics to capture and transform your real-world evidence into published, retrospective research, and conduct IRB-approved studies with ease. Our platform provides a robust foundation, enabling you to effectively package your findings and make significant contributions to medical science.
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"Despite a busy practice and limited resources, DataBiologics has allowed us to track patient reported outcomes across various touch points and provide objective clinic data that elevates our clinical practice and optimizes patient outcomes."
Walter Sussman, DO Boston Sports & Orthobiologics
"Since incorporating DataBiologics insights into our patient consults, we've accelerated patient decisions for treatment and doubled our practice volume."
Thomas Nabity, MD
Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine
"DataBiologics allows me to give my patients expectations of what I can provide from an outcomes perspective regarding orthobiologics. I also appreciate the database wide access to outcomes across the nation for benchmarking, and to be able to convey expectations for outcomes for my patients."
Ariana DeMers, MD
Restore Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
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DataBiologics transforms real-world data into actionable insights, helping you measure success.
Get automated outcomes collection at ultra low cost. Starter has everything you need to implement tailored outcomes tracking without the hassle.
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Know your real-world stats and take action. DataBiologics Essentials has everything you need to implement tailored outcomes tracking with real-time data visualization.
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Put real-world evidence to work for you. Take your practice to the next level with confidence.
The ReGENius™ Performance Engine delivers powerful exploration and benchmarking with your audience in mind.

Prepare for your next consult or your next talk with turn-key tailored presentation and print solutions.
All Access Data Collection
Performance Benchmarking
Advanced Satisfaction and Adverse Event Reporting
Curated Content Upgrades Available for Performance Subscribers
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Insights Access
Leverage our ReGENius™ Insights Engine, tailored experience, and expert network to accelerate research to publication with DataBiologics Study Solutions.
Our turn-key study solutions let's you quickly implement a multi-center study with insights and reporting for study sponsors.

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About Us
DataBiologic was founded by three world-renowned physicians in the field of regenerative medicine who recognized the true potential of emerging treatments was restrained by a lack of meaningful evidence. In response, they developed software that enables providers to effectively capture patient reported outcomes. Today, DataBiologics continues to empower healthcare stakeholders seeking a comprehensive platform to collect, analyze and draw insights from real-world data.
Founders & Executives
Jay Bowen, DO
Chief Scientific Officer
Chris Rogers, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Leah Braddell
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Data Officer
Luke Malanga
Chief Operating Officer & Head of Product
Scientific/Medical Advisory Board
Steve Sampson, DO
Founder of Orthohealing Center and The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI)
Kenneth Mautner, MD
Associate Professor of PM&R and Orthopedic Surgery at Emory University
Rowan Paul, MD
Founder of RegenCore Method
William Murrell, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon at NYC Health + Hospitals
Our mission is to advance patient access to innovative healthcare solutions by empowering real-world data collection and analytics that drive informed medical decisions. The DataBiologics platform enables physicians with a simple, yet highly-tailored data capture solution to personalize treatment decisions and experience for patients, and also ethically drive adoption of new techniques by physicians.
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